Vacation Selling – Take Your Customer on a Buying Vacation

Think about the last great vacation you had. Great vacations have three parts. The excitement of planning and thinking about the vacation, The experience of the actual vacation, and the memories of the vacation. The buying process can be enjoyable and, should be, unfortunately we forget how to make it a pleasant experience throuhout the sales cycle for the customer.

Planning the Purchase
The prospects interactions with everyone on your team, sales engineers, support, the front desk, should all be met with the excitement your product brings to the anticipated experience the buyer is expecting. How the prospect is treated before the sale is what they will expect during and after the buying process. Your organization needs to have their best level of enthusasim and appreciate the prospects interest, each and ever time they communicate with prospects.

The Buying Cycle
What results in most cases to be the most stressful stage to the prospect, can be flipped around into the most exciting time of the process. Signing contracts, finalizing rollout schedules, planning project phases in anticipation of using the product, should be an exciting time for the prospect, the moment they have been planning for…receiving the product or service your company delivers and the value it provides them. Guiding the prospect with expertise throughout this process by setting expectations and best methods around your solution creates an enjoyable experience.

The Post Purchase Reflection
Its been months since the purchase, how are things progressing within the cusomers business? what is the ROI received vs. anticipated? Is your prospect receiving as much attention now as they were before and during the buying process? Reflection on the purchase, and the ROI value to the prospect are critical to the customer, its why they purchased your solution to begin with. Dont forget them. The reflection is the best part of the experience.

Like a great vacation, the value each customer receives can last forever, to build and grow your business adding new customers who reference the great experience others have had with your product.


Welcome to our store, Can you please not shop here

Tooth removal versus furniture shopping, its a tough call, but when your wife sees the right piece she has been waiting for, furniture shopping is an unavoidable destiny.   So there we were in a store that spends thousands on annual advertising, and a hefty rent,

After finding the perfect bedroom set,  the sales woman,  explained the piece my wife selected was not on sale, because unlike the other pieces all with sale tags it just arrived.  Ok, i can accept that.

Then, next to the register a Holiday sales flyer is posted that says its applicable to all merchandise.   Of course i ask for the 10% posted on the wall, and she says Oh Yea, you can have that.      I ask about delivery, and she says its $75 to ship to the 4 blocks to my house.  Ok, i understand. 

She proceeds to tell me if I dont take the delivery, its my responsibilty to load the furniture, since its “just a buch of us girls here”, and if it falls out the back of my truck its my problem, you have straps right?  she asks.      I said, yes, geez i thought your team was nice, and may assist in the delivery, she says were nice but not that nice, weve got expenses you know, insurance, and the like. 

“Oh, and if you are going to get the Holiday discount, she says, it has to be cash, not credit.”  (despite the fact that knowwhere, even in the fine print did it say anything on cash), but hey, thats the way it goes.

I explain this situation to express  my dislike for furniture purchasing, but to illustrate how dumbfounded it is to barely be convinced on a purchase, only to have the representative give you every reason not to make a purchase.   Not offering sales discounts, explaining every negative on the product, cash only, delivery issues, and an attitude to go along with an anti-sales pitch.

If you are going to go through the trouble of spending thousands on rent, advertising, and a product to a community, get the last part right.  Make people feel good about their purchase.    Be appreciative to the customer, there are plenty of other places to buy from.  But,  your store should make them feel good about every purchase.  So good they will tell all their friends.